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TOP 10 Pickleball Players

Pickleball is becoming a very celebrated athletics successful America and is besides expanding astir nan world. This intends that location are much and much master players who person exceptional pickleball skills. Great pickleball players tin surely animate you and make you much enthusiastic astir playing pickleball and practicing your skills. 

Here is nan database of nan TOP 10 pickleball players that we person summarized successful this article. 5 players from nan men’s singles class and 5 players from nan women’s singles category. 

Top 10 Pickleball Players Men’s and Woman’s Singles

Here are nan apical 5 singles players successful nan world for some males and females:

Benjamin Johns (15000)

Benjamin Ellingham Johns, calved March 18, 1999, is nan astir celebrated subordinate successful nan pickleball world today. He has been nan number 1 classed subordinate successful nan world successful 3 categories astatine erstwhile for nan past 3 years based connected information from nan Pro Pickleball Association. This has earned him nan title of “the top pickleball subordinate of each time”. 

Johns dominated nan men’s singles class pinch 108 consecutive wins. His 80 PPA and Triple Crown titles are much than immoderate different antheral pickleball subordinate successful master pickleball history. He is simply a very bully subordinate and has mastered galore pickleball techniques. He besides has fantabulous velocity and reflexes connected nan court.

Johns’ fame successful nan pickleball world has earned Ben Johns 55.3k followers coming connected his charismatic Instagram relationship (benjohns_pb). He often shares pickleball tips and his various accomplishments connected his Instagram account. In summation to playing pickleball, Johns enjoys various different activities specified arsenic traveling, weight lifting, and different sports. 

Federico Staksrud (13200)

Federico Staksrud grew up successful Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, he presently resides successful Naples, Florida. At 28 years old, he is simply a rising player, presently classed 2nd successful nan men’s singles category, 1 spot beneath Ben Johns. 

Despite only starting his master pickleball profession successful 2021, he was capable to scope this constituent quickly. This proves nan greatness of Federico Staksurd. In nan 2023 season, Federico was capable to triumph 3 titles and 15 medals from nan 22 events he participated successful passim nan season. Although he is still comparatively caller to nan athletics and not excessively young, this is simply a awesome accomplishment for him. 

He has complete 9k followers connected Instagram (federico_staksrud). He often shares pickleball tips for his followers and pickleball events that he participates in.

Tyson McGuffin (9700)

“The athlete, nan father, nan teacher”. That’s what it says connected nan floor plan page of his website. Tyson McGuffin is simply a 35 twelvemonth aged elder pickleball player, he has been a master pickleball subordinate since 2016. Of course, astatine his age, it will beryllium very difficult to compete pinch younger players. But Tyson is still capable to beryllium his skills and is ranked 3rd successful nan men’s singles category. 

Before becoming a master pickleball player, Tyson was a beautiful bully tennis player, moreover becoming a coach astatine nan Yakima Tennis Club. This acquisition helped him go a successful master pickleball player. 

Aside from being a master player, McGuffin is besides a successful pickleball influencer, moving clinics crossed nan country, promoting nan crippled of pickleball, and creating instructional videos to teach. 

Connor Garnett (8500)

Connor Garnett is simply a comparatively caller pickleball player, he turned master successful 2022 and is now classed 4th successful nan men’s singles category.

Before switching careers to go a professional pickleball player, Connor was erstwhile a awesome tennis player. So it’s nary wonderment that he quickly becomes a subordinate who shines connected nan pickleball court. He has awesome diversion ability, difficult hitting shots and bully manus speed.

Pickleball Player Christian Alshon (6400)

One of nan different young pickleball players is Christian Alshon. He is 23 years aged and hails from Boca Raton, Florida. Alshon is besides a pickleball subordinate who utilized to beryllium a tennis player. So his skills connected nan tribunal and nan eye-hand coordination that he has practiced truthful acold tin beryllium applied to nan pickleball game. 

On nan pickleball court, Alshon is known for his tweener and instrumentality shots. During his matches, Leigh Waters tin often beryllium seen accompanying Alshon connected nan sidelines.

In summation to playing successful pickleball matches aliases tournaments, Christian Alshon is besides a pickleball contented creator. He is actively creating contented connected various societal media sites specified arsenic youtube and tiktok.

Anna Leigh Waters (20600)

Anna Leigh Waters is 1 of nan youngest talents successful pickleball history, presently classed number 1 successful women’s singles astatine nan property of 17. She is besides nan top-ranked subordinate successful nan Women’s Doubles and Women’s Mixed Doubles categories. Waters began playing pickleball professionally astatine nan property of 12. She besides became nan youngest subordinate ever to triumph a awesome championship. 

Waters grew up pinch parents who were progressive successful D1 assemblage sports. As a result, he played and practiced tennis and shot from an early age. This molded him into a highly diversion personification and gave him an separator complete different players. Along pinch his mother, Leigh Waters, they pioneered nan “banging” and “ripping” style of play successful nan pickleball world. Their style of play was fierce and effective astatine scoring points faster. As a result, they some became awesome players and gained a batch of fans.

His charismatic Instagram relationship now has complete 51k followers. His outstanding crippled and his young property person made galore fans support him. On his Instagram relationship he usually shares lucifer moments. Vacations and besides different work.

Catherine Parenteau (15600)

Ranked 2nd successful some nan women’s singles and doubles categories is Catherine Parenteau. Parenteau, who is 29 years aged and hails from Montreal, Canada, is 1 of nan elder players who started her master profession successful 2016.

Her accomplishment is unquestionable. Before switching to pickleball. He was a apical 5 tennis subordinate successful Canada. Parenteau was introduced to tennis astatine nan property of 4. And he loved nan athletics truthful overmuch that he kept practicing until he became a awesome player. 

Parenteau besides loves to travel. She presently travels astir nan state playing successful master events. In summation to playing and traveling, she besides enjoys school group really to amended their game. 

Pickleball Player Lea Jansen (8800)

Jansen is an absorbing pickleball player. Her passionate and competitory characteristic makes her crippled 1 of nan champion successful her category. Jansen started her master pickleball profession successful 2022. She is still comparatively new, but since Jansen is simply a erstwhile tennis subordinate who is nary little great, past she must person easy learned and go proficient successful this pickleball sport. 

Lea Jansen’s Instagram relationship presently has complete 11,000 followers. Although she is not a young athlete, that has not stopped Jansen’s popularity.

Mary Brascia (6500)

Another awesome pickleball subordinate from nan women’s singles class is Mary Brascia. A young subordinate pinch fantabulous talent, she has won galore singles and doubles tournaments. Before turning master successful 2020, Mary won nan PPA tourney successful LAS VEGAS successful October. 

Salome Devidze (6400)

Salome Devidze, a female calved successful 1986, was capable to scope nan TOP 5 title. Even astatine a young age, this did not forestall Salome from continuing to play arsenic a master pickleball subordinate until she could go what she is today. 


The PPA Ranking is an statement that awards ranking points to pickleball players who person participated successful charismatic PPA matches. The measurement this strategy useful is to usage nan accumulated points from each nan matches nan subordinate has played successful a 52-week period, and this ranking is ever updated regularly. So this ranking tin alteration astatine immoderate time.

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