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Looking for an astonishing spot to play pickleball? Maybe you’ve grown tired of nan pickleball tribunal you built aliases your portable pickleball net, truthful here’s a fewer that’ll rustle your pickleball socks off.

I’ll admit, this is an idiosyncratic database — wholly unscientific and purely based connected which courts I would emotion to play astatine — but haven’t yet.

That said, I person scoured nan web and noted pickleball courts that person caught my oculus complete time. I besides person a fewer wide criteria by which I person judged them:

  • At slightest a fewer permanent, USAPA regularisation courts
  • Interesting surrounding area and views
  • Great upwind for pickleball
  • Close to nosy things to do – other points for being adjacent to nan beach!
  • Other nosy activities to do too pickleball astatine nan venue

Chicken N Pickle


Chicken N Pickle is simply a concatenation of 4 (soon to beryllium 6) unsocial pickleball tribunal locations. Each of nan locations are indoor and outdoor complexes featuring aggregate pickleball courts paired pinch sports bars, a edifice and a nosy atmosphere.

Their locations are presently successful Kansas City, MO, Wichita, KS, San Antonio, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK. (At immoderate constituent this twelvemonth they will person locations successful Overland Park, KS and Grand Prairie, TX).

If you unrecorded adjacent 1 make a preservation for a court, cheque it out, and make an afternoon/evening retired of it!

Palmetto Dunes Tennis & Pickleball Center astatine Palmetto Dunes


Found successful Hilton Head, South Carolina, nan Palmetto Dunes has 24 dedicated pickleball courts. It’s correct adjacent beautiful beaches and nan upwind is amazing.

Anywhere other we missed? Send maine your recommendations astatine