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Taylormade M4 Driver and SIM2 Max Driver

When it comes to choosing a driver, golfers often look for a blend of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy.
Two standout options from TaylorMade are nan M4 and nan SIM2 Max drivers. Even though they are each a fewer years old, they are still seen connected nan people each nan time, because they are apical tier drivers sloppy of nan year.

Both play clubs person made important impacts connected nan market, but they cater to different types of golfers.
In this article, we’ll delve into a elaborate comparison of these 2 drivers, including my individual acquisition pinch each, to thief you find which 1 mightiness beryllium nan champion fresh for your game.

Release and Response to Taylormade M4 & SIM2 Max Drivers

The TaylorMade M4 driver was released successful 2018 arsenic portion of nan M series, which received a batch of acclaim for introducing nan world to nan revolutionary Twist Face exertion to summation forgiveness connected mishits. The result; straighter shots.

The SIM2 Max driver, connected nan different hand, was launched successful 2021 and is portion of nan SIM (Shape In Motion) series, which focused connected aerodynamics, precocious materials, and expanding forgiveness connected mishits.

When a play nine is much forgiving, nan golfer’s bad shots should beryllium person to their bully shots, allowing nan golfer to execute greater consistency.

Twist Face is designed to thief heighten shots that are deed connected 2 different parts of nan nine face; precocious and connected nan toed and debased connected nan heel. Shots deed connected nan debased bottommost area thin to curve much to nan correct pinch a higher rotation rate, while shots deed connected nan precocious toed area thin to curve near pinch a little rotation rate.

To thief counteract these 2 shots, TaylorMade has added much curvature to nan clubface than what a normal clubhead would have, successful a extremist departure successful driver creation going backmost complete 100 years. However, nan hesitation galore felt vanished arsenic soon arsenic master and amateur golfers alike sewage their hands connected these caller drivers.

Design and Technology

Taylormade M4 Driver

Taylormade m4 driver view

Twist Face Technology

The M4 was nan first driver to characteristic TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology, which is designed to trim broadside rotation and present straighter shots connected off-center hits. This was TaylorMade’s solution to counteract golfers’ astir communal misses, much specifically, those resulting from nan precocious toed and debased bottommost impacts.

Hammerhead Slot

The M4 besides includes nan Hammerhead Slot, which increases nan saccharine spot and helps support shot velocity connected mishits, contributing to nan wide forgiveness of nan driver.

Geocoustic Technology

In summation to providing much forgiveness, nan Geocoustic sole creation useful to optimize nan sound and consciousness of nan M4 driver erstwhile striking nan ball. It besides creates a larger nine look pinch a importantly larger saccharine spot compared to erstwhile generations of Taylormade drivers.

Taylormade SIM2 Max Driver

Taylormade SIM2 Max

Forged Ring Construction

The SIM2 Max features a Forged Ring Construction that unites nan top, rear, and bottommost of nan driver, resulting successful a much unchangeable and forgiving nine head. Forged from ray weight, precocious spot aluminum this facet unites nan rear weight, afloat c sole, crown, and nine face. Also, it conscionable looks great.

Speed Injected Twist Face

Building connected nan original Twist Face, nan SIM2 Max’s Speed Injected Twist Face is calibrated to maximize shot velocity crossed nan face, pinch nan corrective look curvature ensuring highest capacity moreover connected off-center strikes. This constituent pushes nan SIM2 Max to nan period of nan ineligible velocity limit for play balls coming disconnected its face.

Split Mass Weighting

Taylormade added immoderate functional creation elements to nan SIM2 Max Driver. These see a TPS weight connected nan sole of nan SIM2 Max, arsenic good arsenic 16 grams of alloy astatine nan rear. What does this mean for you? Enhanced forgiveness and rotation properties to thief you thrust nan shot nan champion you ever have.

Personal Experience & Performance Comparison

During my play testing session, I utilized some nan SIM2 Max and nan M4 drivers to get a consciousness for their capacity successful position of distance, forgiveness, and dispersion. I utilized each of nan drivers connected some Saturday and Sunday to guarantee my plaything was accordant for some and I did locomotion distant pinch a favorite, which was supported by nan region and dispersion data.

SIM2 Max vs M4 Dispersion


The SIM2 Max consistently delivered longer drives for me, pinch an mean summation of astir 15-20 yards compared to nan M4. This tin astir apt beryllium attributed to nan aerodynamic creation and precocious materials utilized successful nan SIM2 Max, arsenic good arsenic nan enhanced forgiveness it offers. Which makes sense, because nan SIM2 Max was released 3 years aft nan Taylormade M4.
The M4 was a small little forgiving, and my mishits were very short and to nan right. A persons individual plaything decidedly plays a role, but complete nan people of 18 holes I will astir apt person a fewer mishits. With nan SIM2, that isn’t going to adhd aggregate strokes to those holes.

With nan SIM2 Max I averaged astir 230 yards, while nan mean region for nan M4 connected cleanable strikes was astir 217 yds. However, nan M4 was not astir arsenic accordant pinch nan mishits and near nan shot short of 200 yards aggregate times (short and to nan right, arsenic seen successful nan dispersion chart).


I’ll beryllium honest, some drivers are forgiving. However, perchance owed to nan truth that I needed much forgiveness because of really I was hitting nan shot complete nan weekend, nan SIM2 Max really stood out. The SIM 2 Max has a overmuch larger saccharine spot and pinch that, improved MOI. Meaning that my mis-hits still traveled a bully region and remained on-line.
The M4 was forgiving, but not to nan grade of nan of nan SIM2. Several shots pinch nan M4 would person near maine searching successful nan woods for my ball. For me, nan shot seemed to want to spell to nan correct pinch nan M4, which isn’t bully if you’re a subordinate already battling a slice. If this sounds for illustration you, nan SIM2 Max is what you want! Read nary further!!


In position of dispersion, nan SIM2 Max again had nan edge. My changeable groupings were tighter pinch nan SIM2 Max, indicating amended consistency and accuracy compared to nan M4.
The Taylormade M4 Driver had a fewer balls spell importantly shorter, arsenic good arsenic a respective spell astir 20 yards disconnected statement to nan correct (with a fewer going a small further than that).

Aesthetics and Feel

The M4 has a classical look pinch a predominantly achromatic and metallic colour scheme, while nan SIM2 Max sports a much modern creation pinch bluish accents. At reside they some look very similar, nevertheless nan M4 has a small much metallic towards nan face. Both clubs look awesome arsenic you are teeing up. It’s a necktie for maine here.

In position of feel, nan SIM2 Max provided a much coagulated and satisfying effect sensation, which I preferred complete nan M4. The shot comes disconnected nan look incredibly accelerated and crisp, which is astir apt why it is still utilized by some amateur and master golfers successful 2024.

Price Considerations

As erstwhile procreation models, nan M4 and SIM2 Max are priced to steal. For golfers connected a budget, some Taylormade drivers are fantabulous options without sacrificing excessively overmuch successful position of performance. Taylormade released nan Stealth, Stealth 2, and Qi10 Drivers successful nan past mates years pursuing nan SIM2 Max, which has led to some of these drivers being astir nan $250 value point. You cannot find a amended driver astatine a amended price, new. Period.


Based connected my testing and nan features of each driver, present are my recommendations:

TaylorMade M4 Driver: Ideal for golfers looking for a high-quality driver and aren’t battling a slice. It’s besides a awesome action for those who for illustration a classical look and consciousness successful their driver. The neutral colors whitethorn beryllium very appealing to immoderate golfers.

Taylormade M4 Driver heel

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver: Best suited for golfers who prioritize region and forgiveness and want nan latest exertion astatine nan champion imaginable price. It’s besides a awesome prime for players seeking a modern, trendy creation and a premium feel.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Heel


Both nan TaylorMade M4 and SIM2 Max drivers connection awesome capacity astatine a genuinely unbeatable price, but they cater to different preferences and styles of play.

The M4 is simply a coagulated prime for golfers looking for a accepted creation and successful my experience, person nary issues pinch a slice. However, nan friend I had pinch maine had nary problem hitting nan shot consecutive consistently. It is simply a awesome driver for nan price.

The SIM2 Max is perfect for those seeking nan latest advancements successful play exertion and a attraction connected region and forgiveness. I will perfectly beryllium utilizing nan TaylorMade SIM2 Max for rounds successful nan future. I cannot urge nan SIM2 Max much highly for beginners, and golfers looking to deed nan fairway much consistently.

Ultimately, nan champion driver for you will dangle connected you and your circumstantial needs. I ever urge testing retired a driver earlier purchasing but if that isn’t an option, spell pinch nan TaylorMade SIM2 Max.

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