Predator 670cc Golf Cart Top Speed – Can You Increase It?

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Nowadays, play carts are much than conscionable regular carts utilized successful play courses. Golf cart enthusiasts and escapade lovers now effort retired different modifications to alteration things up. One specified modification is swapping nan banal motor of nan cart pinch a Predator 670cc engine. 

The main intent of this swapping is to summation nan apical velocity of nan cart. A Predator 670cc play cart tin scope up to 35 mph speed, which is immense for a play cart. However, it besides depends connected different conditions arsenic good arsenic nan level of nan modifications. 

Stick pinch america to cognize much astir nan Predator 670cc motor and really it tin impact a play cart. 

Is The Predator 670cc a Good Engine For Golf Carts? 

The Predator 670cc is simply a very powerful engine. It useful incredibly good for immoderate play carts. 

Many E-Z-Go, Club Car, and YAMAHA play cart users person successfully swapped their cart’s engines pinch nan Predator 670cc to summation nan velocity arsenic good arsenic capacity output. 

If you person been reasoning astir installing aliases swapping your aged aliases existing play cart motor pinch a caller one, nan Predator 670 will beryllium a bully choice.

But, you must guarantee that nan motor is suitable for your cart’s size, weight, frame, and mounting system.

Aside from nan truth that nan predator engines are well-known for their astonishing build and reliability, they are besides capable to nutrient awesome velocity for play carts.  

How Fast Does a Predator 670cc Golf Cart Go?

The apical velocity of a regular play cart pinch a banal motor is astir 12-20 mph. But nan crippled changes wholly pinch nan inclusion of a powerful motor for illustration nan Predator 670cc. 

A play cart equipped pinch a Predator 670cc motor tin scope a apical velocity of 30-35 mph. This number, however, is taxable to alteration owed to galore factors, for illustration nan compatibility of nan motor pinch nan cart’s chassis, tyre size, and cogwheel ratio. 

If nan motor is not a cleanable fresh for your circumstantial play cart model, it tin beryllium difficult to execute nan desired speed. Not only that, an incompatibility tin moreover lead to motor stalling and sputtering.

Following is simply a array depicting really a modification tin impact nan velocity of a play cart. 

Level of Modifications Approximate Top Speed 
Stock motor pinch nary modifications 12-20 mph
Stock motor pinch basal modifications 20-25 mph
Predator 670cc pinch basal modifications 25-30 mph
Predator 670cc pinch precocious modifications 25-35 mph
Predator 670cc pinch large-scale modifications 35+ mph 

Important Factors That Affect The Top Speed Of a Predator 670cc Golf Cart 

Although utilizing powerful engines for illustration nan Predator 670cc is rather communal among play cart users, location are immoderate factors that 1 must consider.

Increasing nan velocity whitethorn activity good for some, but this tin besides disturb nan stableness of nan cart. 

Following are immoderate of nan astir important factors that tin impact nan apical velocity of a Predator 670cc play cart.

  • Size and weight of nan play cart
  • Type and exemplary of nan play cart
  • Compatibility pinch nan engine
  • Tire size and tyre pressure
  • Gear ratio
  • Driving terrain
  • Speed politician settings 
  • Any modifications made to nan cart

Common Modifications To Increase The Top Speed Of a Predator 670cc Golf Cart

Just installing a predator 670cc motor connected a play cart whitethorn not beryllium capable to springiness you nan desired speed. You whitethorn request immoderate further modifications to execute that. Let’s cheque immoderate of them out!

Increase nan tyre size 

An effective measurement of expanding nan velocity of a predator 670cc play cart is to instal larger tires. Larger tires screen much areas arsenic nan play cart runs that tin thief summation speed. 

Change cogwheel ratio 

Gear ratio has a large effect connected nan velocity and acceleration of a vehicle. You tin alteration nan cogwheel ratio by getting caller gears for your play cart. 

This occupation requires bully mechanical skills. It whitethorn beryllium wise to talk pinch an master successful this section while some selecting and changing nan gears.

Calibrate nan aerial intake and exhaust system 

The cleanable airflow, some successful and out, is important for a vehicle’s motor health. It’s not immoderate different for a play cart. 

You tin effort calibrating some nan aerial intake and exhaust strategy of your play cart to amended nan apical speed. Getting a bully capacity aerial select tin thief truthful overmuch successful this case. 

Get a much suitable carburetor  

Another awesome and effective measurement of improving nan apical velocity of a Predator 670cc play cart is to get a capacity carburetor. You tin besides fine-tune nan existing carburetor, if possible.

While astatine it, you tin besides get caller spark plugs. Some play cart users knowledgeable successful this assemblage shared that replacing nan spark plugs pinch caller ones helped pinch nan capacity of nan cart.

Adjust nan velocity governor 

Usually, play carts are not built for velocity driving. Many play carts travel pinch a velocity politician aliases limiter to support nan velocity successful check.

If you want to summation nan apical speed, adjusting nan politician whitethorn help. Some users explained that removing nan contraption helped pinch their cart’s speed. Contraptions see throttle cablegram and governor. 

Note: It must beryllium done pinch caution. You can’t fto this modification impact nan stableness of nan cart. 

Safety Considerations When Modifying a Predator 670cc Golf Cart For Increased Speed 

Modifying a play cart pinch a Predator 670cc motor involves immoderate analyzable steps. Also, it whitethorn not beryllium ineligible to summation nan velocity of a play cart everywhere. So, it’s important to see immoderate information measures erstwhile doing it. 

  • Consider taking thief from an master technician for nan safest output. 
  • Ensure that nan planned modifications are compatible pinch nan motor and nan play cart’s configuration.
  • Paying attraction to nan section regulations beforehand is simply a must. Many places person circumstantial regulations and velocity limits erstwhile it comes to utilizing play carts. 
  • Same goes for nan play courses. If you scheme to tally nan predator 670cc play cart successful play courses, cheque pinch their velocity regulations up of time.
  • Upgrade to an improved braking strategy if imaginable to grip nan accrued velocity better. 
  • Check pinch nan manufacturer’s warranty and security sum policy. 
  • Test nan play cart successful a safe situation to guarantee safe handling earlier taking it out. 
  • Maintain nan golden cart routinely.


There are truthful galore small specifications to look retired for erstwhile you yet determine to switch a play cart’s motor pinch a Predator 670cc. Let’s spot immoderate communal queries group person regarding this topic.

What is nan maximum horsepower of a predator 670cc engine?  

The maximum horsepower of a predator 670cc motor tin beryllium astir 22-23 HP. Just for illustration nan apical speed, nan horsepower besides depends connected a batch of factors for illustration nan exemplary of nan cart, nan engine’s configuration, and immoderate modifications made to nan cart. 

Can you switch a play cart’s motor pinch a predator 670 yourself?  

It is imaginable to switch a play cart’s motor pinch a predator 670 each by yourself. However, you must person immoderate method knowledge to behaviour nan job. Otherwise, there’s ever a anticipation of messing things up. In specified cases, taking thief from an master technician helps. 

Do you request a conversion kit to instal a 670cc predator motor connected a play cart?  

A conversion kit is an basal portion of nan motor swapping aliases installing procedure. It comes pinch mounting hardware, cablegram clamps, daze brackets, motor cradle, and different things to thief pinch nan process. It is advisable to put successful a bully conversion kit.