Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew: Which Clothing Brand Is For You

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Choosing nan capable golfing apparel are conscionable arsenic important arsenic choosing nan correct irons for your game. If you are not comfortable during your gameplay you can’t attraction properly. Even though location are galore play clothing brands, Peter Millar and Travis Mathew are among nan apical choices. 

One of nan cardinal differences betwixt these brands is nan creation outline they follow. Travis Mathew comes pinch a much sporty and trendy creation targeted towards youngsters whereas Peter Millar offers a much classical design. 

This is conscionable 1 quality betwixt them and if you are looking to take 1 marque betwixt them we are present to thief you.

Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew Which Clothing Brand Is For You

Overview Of Peter Millar

Peter Millar is 1 of nan astir celebrated luxurious play clothing brands retired location and it was founded successful 2001 successful North Carolina successful nan USA.

They make capacity play apparel for some men and women, customized dress furnishings, and casual sportswear. 

They are renowned for utilizing top-of-the-line materials, elegant designs, and a blase look. Their products are targeted towards golfers who admit some style and capacity connected nan play course.

Good Sides

  • Uses precocious value materials
  • Comes pinch elegant and blase design
  • Has a immense scope of products
  • Performance oriented products


  • Products are rather expensive 

Overview Of Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew is comparatively a newcomer successful nan play clothing manufacture but it gained fame very quickly among users.

It was recovered successful 2007 successful California, USA. They are known for its modern and trendy aesthetic, catering to a younger assemblage seeking some style and comfort.

They worked connected producing regular clothing that easy transitions from nan workplace to play course.

Each merchandise is cautiously developed to onslaught nan perfect equilibrium betwixt applicable comfortableness and exceptional style done a clever operation of capacity and inventive design. 

Good Sides

  • Pricing is moderate 
  • The designs are rather trendy 
  • Designed to beryllium worn successful some nan workplace and play course. 
  • The products are very comfortable.


  • Limited postulation for women

Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew: Quick Comparison Table

Peter Millar and Travis Mathew are some very good renowned play clothing brands retired location but they person a batch of differences. These differences are nan eventual determination shaper of which is nan amended marque for your preferences.

Criteria Peter MillarTravis Mathew
DesignClassic Trendy
VersatilityFormal and sporting eventsCasual and sporting events
MaterialPremium materials for illustration egyptian fabric and cashmere Advanced capacity clothing materials
PricingHigher Moderate
Target audience Mature and elder citizensYoungsters 

Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew: Detailed Comparison

By now you already person an thought astir each nan basal differences betwixt these 2 clothing brands but to afloat comparison them we must break these into details. 

Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew Detailed Comparison


The first and 1 of nan astir differential comparisons betwixt these 2 brands is nan creation connection they follow.

Peter Millar is simply a precocious extremity marque and they effort to travel timeless classical elegant design. Their classical designs travel pinch a touch of modernity 

On nan different hand, Travis Mathew follows a trendy and modernized creation shape successful their clothings.

They get their information from nan Southern Californian surf, truthful you tin already understand nan designs travel a vibe that’s cool. 


As nan Peter Millar follows a classical design, their apparel are mostly suitable for time outs and each play sporting events.

They besides supply general clothings which are specifically targeted towards general outings and meetings. 

Whereas, nan Travis Mathew follows a laid backmost comfortable creation connection which makes them suitable for astir casual outings and evidently a cleanable solution for play courses particularly during summer. 

Target Audience

The main target assemblage for Travis Mathew is youngsters and young crowds who person an progressive manner for illustration partying, weekends hangouts, formation outings and more. Their trendy creation will supply you pinch nan cleanable outfit for progressive lifestyles.

However successful position of Peter Millar, their subtle and classical creation will mostly pull mature, upscale and elder citizens who admit finer things successful life. 

Target Audience


You will besides find a quality successful worldly among apparel made by Peter Millar and Travis Mathew.

Clothing’s from Travis Mathew are made from precocious materials for manner capacity oriented products. Along pinch this they besides person 3 different series; eco, Heater bid and Cloud.

On nan different hand, Peter Miller uses costly and premium materials for illustration Egyptian fabric and Cashmere of nan highest quality. They handpick each worldly to supply you pinch nan champion value of clothes.


As nan merchandise value improves, nan pricing besides increases and nan aforesaid applies for Peter Millar clothing.

They usage nan astir premium materials which besides impacts nan value and return them connected nan costly side.

However, nan value of Travis Mathew clothings is little costly than nan Peter Millar and is connected nan mean side. 

Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing betwixt Peter Millar and Travis Mathew is each astir individual preferences and requirements.

If you are much into classical and elegant timeless creation for your play course, past nan Peter Millar tin beryllium a amended prime for you. 

Additionally you will besides person nan action to take from general deterioration for your charismatic meetings aliases outings. 

However, if you are connected a little fund and you are looking for thing trendy for casual regular deterioration that tin moreover supply transitions successful nan play course, nan Travis Mathew is simply a amended choice.

It is renowned for its modern and fashionable play apparel, which often combines diversion features pinch cutting-edge designs.


When you are choosing betwixt Peter Millar and Travis Mathew, nan prime tin beryllium confusing arsenic some of them connection galore akin products. So, to make a amended prime publication nan FAQs below.

Peter Millar VS Travis Mathew: which marque is much luxurious?

Both Peter Millar and Travis Mathew are renowned play clothing brands. However, successful position of luxury Peter Millar is much luxurious than Travis Mathew. They usage much costly and premium fabrics successful their clothings which increases nan unit price.

Which marque betwixt Peter Millar and Travis Mathew provides eco-friendly options?

Travis Mathew has a dedicated ECO bid which uses materials for illustration recycled polyester and integrated fabric for making apparel which makes them situation friendly. However Peter Millar doesn’t person immoderate dedicated eco friends bid available. 

Peter Millar and Travis Mathew connection much options?

Both of these brands connection a immense scope of accessories and play clothings. However, erstwhile comparing nan varieties Peter Millar takes nan precocious hand. They supply much varieties successful some accessories and clothing.

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