How To Convert An Electric Golf Cart To Gas? [5 easy Steps]

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Golf carts are usually disposable successful 2 types: electrical and gas. Electric play carts are eco-friendly, require little care, and supply dependable operation. Contrastingly, state play carts are meant for amended range, greater speed, and a longer runtime. 

To get nan astonishing benefits that state play carts give, you whitethorn want to person an electrical play cart to gas. Most group activity to do this conversion because they are getting bothered by nan battery’s lifespan. 

Although it won’t beryllium applicable to toggle shape an electrical play cart into a gas, you whitethorn get bully results if nan conversion is successful. 

Let’s excavation deeper into it. 

How To Convert An Electric Golf Cart To Gas?

Is It Possible To Convert An Electric Golf Cart To Gas?

Electric play carts and state play carts usability differently. Electric play carts usage artillery cells to work  whereas state play carts usage combustion engines. 

Moreover,  their rear axles are wholly different from each other. So conscionable deliberation of really these 2 carts tin beryllium utilized interchangeably. 

Well, your queries extremity here. Electric play carts person a group of soul gears. They are attached pinch nan rear axle.

Also, this cart has a artillery box. You tin region it immoderate clip and put immoderate different parts. 

While converting your electrical play cart to a gas, you person to switch immoderate of nan parts of it. 

Since nan parts are replaceable you tin expect a conversion. But nan process will compel you to get a conversion kit aliases its alternative. 

Things To Consider For Turning An Electric Golf Cart To A Gas Golf Cart

Like state play carts, electrical play carts are beneficial too. Replacing immoderate portion of them will trim nan earthy use that you would get. But if you person nary different action isolated from for nan conversion, it would beryllium good to do so. Just support immoderate things successful mind. 

Be Certain With The Results

Golf carts person been a game-changer successful position of velocity and power. This makes them capable to present a amended performance. 

You conscionable request to capable it up erstwhile and you will spot really agelong it tin run. If it were an electrical play cart, you would person to telephone it a time to complaint nan batteries. But here, nan refueling takes very little time. 

Along pinch nan merits, you must beryllium definite of nan demerits too. For instance, a state play cart has galore c footprints, which is not bully for nan environment. Also, it is simply a spot noisier.  

Look For Workability

Since you person made an informed decision, you must activity a feasible outcome. All play carts are styled differently. Some of them whitethorn not beryllium compatible pinch nan house’s gasoline engines. If your electrical play cart is for illustration that, we would propose getting thief from a mechanic. 

How Can You Convert Electric Golf Carts To Gas?

Sometimes, nan conversion of an electrical play cart to state is discouraged arsenic it involves galore complications. However, nan correct skills and devices tin make your process manageable. 

It would beryllium overmuch amended if you knew astir nan mechanical issues that your play cart whitethorn have. 

If nan seashore is clear, you tin spell pinch nan steps below. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

In position of gathering materials, you person options. Either you person to get a conversion kit aliases a utilized gas-powered play cart.

The conversion kit includes a transmission, a state tank, and an engine. These objects are going to play a important domiciled successful changing your electrical play cart to gas. 

On nan different hand, a second-hand state play cart tin besides thief you pinch this conversion. You conscionable request to portion it to get its parts disassembled.

It’s your choice: Do you want to usage nan conversion kit aliases a utilized state play cart?

Step 2: Cut Off All Connections

Next, you will request to put your electrical play cart connected nan jack. It must look for illustration nan play cart is working.

Then unafraid it connected nan lifts, and disconnect and region nan battery. Don’t hide to region different misfit components, including nan starter, from your play cart.

The owner’s manual tin spell bat for you. It will guideline you astir nan components and which ones to region and replace.

Step 3: Separate The Engine And Transmission

Take nan motor and transmission retired of your electrical play cart.  Use cart jacks to assistance nan cart. This will springiness you easy entree to nan removal. 

If you want, you tin waste nan motor and transmission arsenic spare parts.

Your conversion kit must person nan motor and transmission required for a state play cart. Or if you person opted for a utilized state play cart, return nan motor and transmission from there.

Maybe I won’t person to show you that nan motor and transmission will beryllium placed successful their places successful nan electrical play cart. Make judge to fasten them pinch nan due mounts. 

Step 4: Locate The Gas Tank

The state vessel is disposable successful some a conversion kit and a utilized state play cart. To instal it, you person to first drill a spread successful your electrical play cart’s motor compartment.

Look for combustible materials adjacent nan play cart. If you find any, region them. Then spot nan state vessel there, which is going to beryllium a safer place. 

Usually, nan play cart’s rear is simply a amended spot to put a state tank.

Step 5: Test The Golf Cart

Our past measurement should beryllium assurance. So cheque nan play cart to spot if it has been successfully converted to state aliases not. 

Start pinch filling nan state vessel and motor pinch oil. Then property nan accelerator. If you perceive a normal sound, it intends your occupation is done.

How Much To Spend For Converting Electric Golf Carts To Gas?

Converting an electrical play cart to state is not only astir placing nan engine, transmission, and state tank. You whitethorn person to break nan slope for installation, labor, and modifications too. 

All play carts are not recovered astatine nan aforesaid price. It is inevitable for engines arsenic well. The type of play cart you person and nan state motor you will usage are going to alteration your costs. 

However, you whitethorn person to walk $1500 to $3500 to move your electrical play cart to a state play cart. 


No doubt, you tin person your electrical play cart to gas. Grabbing nan cleanable knowledge and answers is everything you will need. These are immoderate communal questions beneath that you should get nether your loop astir nan conversion.

Is an electrical play cart arsenic powerful arsenic a state one? 

Not only state play carts, electrical play carts are besides effective. But a state play cart seems to beryllium much powerful. It runs faster, refills pinch a click, and tin propulsion dense loads. 

Can you modify an electrical play cart?

Yes, it is imaginable to upgrade an electrical play cart. Simply drawback a Golf Cart Speed Controller. It gives enhanced power complete acceleration, goes faster, and handles voltage perfectly. Well, upgrading nan play cart motor would beryllium overmuch amended for much speed. 

How galore HP does a state play cart have?

Compared to electrical play carts, gas-powered play carts person much horsepower, i.e, 10 to 12.


Golf carts tin beryllium utilized for agelong trips too, not conscionable short trips. In that case, an electrical play cart won’t beryllium sufficient. Since state play carts person longer tally time, you would want a state play cart. 

Electric play owners will surely deliberation astir a conversion. It will beryllium a spot challenging since state play carts are designed distinctly from electrical play carts. But don’t worry; our mentioned line tin thief you. 

Lastly, we would for illustration to put guardant immoderate conversion kits that tin make your task easier. Like- nan EZGO Conversion Kit and Yamaha Conversion Kit.