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A Smooth moving play cart is nan dream of each play cart owner. But sometimes not being capable to extremity nan cart is what creates a problem. Even though not common, play carts moving pinch nan cardinal disconnected is simply a problem reported by galore users. 

A stuck solenoid and shorted ignition cardinal is nan origin of this problem. Replacing nan solenoid and fixing nan wiring of your play cart tin resoluteness this rumor successful nary time. 

If you want to cognize really to resoluteness play cart runs pinch cardinal disconnected problems you should enactment tuned pinch america and we will surely thief you to hole nan rumor pinch your play cart. 

Troubleshoot and Fix of play cart runs pinch cardinal off  

Sometimes play carts commencement to move moreover erstwhile nan cardinal is turned off. The matter is concerning and tin sometimes beryllium dangerous. 

Running pinch nan cardinal turned disconnected problem is not thing that is very communal but it needs to beryllium diagnosed immediately. 

The problem tin hap chiefly owed to 2 things. The solution to this problem is rather elemental and you tin easy diagnose this. So let’s dive in- 

Stuck solenoid

If your play cart is moving moreover erstwhile nan cardinal is off, nan astir probable logic for this is simply a stuck solenoid. A solenoid stuck is not truthful communal but happens owed to nan deficiency of powerfulness to nan solenoid. 

To lick nan solenoid stuck problem you request to switch nan solenoid and that should resoluteness nan problem you are having. You person to bargain a caller solenoid to switch it pinch nan caller one. 

Shorted key

Another logic for play cart runs pinch nan cardinal disconnected problem tin beryllium a shortened ignition switch. On nan ignition switch, location are 2 ends. One is nan affirmative and nan different is nan antagonistic end. 

Power should only beryllium received connected nan affirmative extremity and nan antagonistic extremity is nan neutral end. 

When a small magnitude of powerfulness comes to nan antagonistic extremity it overflows existent and creates a short circuit, successful this case, a shorted key. 

As nan neutral extremity besides gets powerfulness truthful nan cardinal is functioning each nan clip moreover erstwhile nan cardinal is off. 

The shorted cardinal is an denotation that location is thing incorrect pinch nan wiring of nan play cart. You person to diagnose nan wiring of nan play cart and hole nan shorted key. 

Step-By-Step Process Of Replacing Golf Cart Solenoid 

Most of nan clip play carts look immoderate problem almost each clip owed to nan solenoid. So, it would beryllium wise to switch nan solenoid first earlier trying immoderate different fix. 

Replacing nan solenoid is reasonably easy and you tin do that by yourself. As pinch immoderate different procedure, you’ll request immoderate tools. 

Tools you’ll need 

  • 9/16 Socket/Wrench
  • 7/16 Socket/Wrench
  • Socket Wrench
  • New Solenoid

When you person nan devices you request astatine your manus you tin get started. The process is elemental and you conscionable person to travel them measurement by step. 

Step-1: Ensure Safety 

First, you person to guarantee that moving pinch nan solenoid is safe. To do truthful conscionable loosen 1 of nan artillery connections and you are bully to go. 

When you region nan artillery cablegram you interrupt nan powerfulness proviso to nan solenoid and it is safe now to activity connected it. 

Step-2: Open nan Solenoid Box

The solenoid is located nether nan achromatic container beside nan battery. You person to unfastened nan container to get entree to nan solenoid. The container is secured pinch 4 bolts. 

Two bolts are astatine nan bottommost and 2 are astatine nan top. Use nan due wrench to suffer nan 4 bolts. Now, cautiously unfastened nan container and you tin spot nan solenoid. 

Step-3: Remove nan Old Solenoid

The solenoid has 4 terminals. Two smaller terminals and 2 ample terminals. The smaller terminals person 1 affirmative and 1 antagonistic end. Red wires are connected to nan affirmative extremity and achromatic wires are astatine nan antagonistic end. 

unplug nan controller and region nan reddish and achromatic wires of nan smaller terminals utilizing an due wrench. 

Now, it is clip to region nan larger cables. Use an due socket to region nan 2 larger wires. 

Take nan 7/16 Socket and region nan bolts that are mounted connected nan walls to return nan solenoid out. 

Step-4: Install New Solenoid 

It is clip to instal nan caller solenoid you bought. First, return nan caller solenoid, unafraid it utilizing nan bolts, and tighten nan bolts utilizing a 7/16 socket. 

Now, put nan reddish wires connected nan smaller affirmative terminal and nan achromatic wires connected nan smaller antagonistic terminal. Tighten nan bolts utilizing nan socket. Plug nan controller into nan spot it was removed from. 

Put nan larger wires connected nan 2 large terminals of nan solenoid and unafraid it utilizing nan bolts. At this step, nan caller solenoid is successfully replaced. 

Step-5: Cover nan Box 

Now put nan container screen backmost successful its spot and unafraid it utilizing nan 4 bolts you removed before. 

Step-6: Battery Connection 

In nan first step, you region a connected ligament from nan battery. Now, spot nan artillery ligament backmost successful its spot and location you person a caller moving solenoid replaced. 

Wiring Check of Golf cart

If changing nan solenoid doesn’t lick your problem, past nan problem is pinch nan ignition key. You person to diagnose nan ignition cardinal to resoluteness this problem. 

Most astir apt you person a three-position key. You request to cheque respective things to diagnose nan problem. 

  • Check nan connectors and if those are wearout and rusty you should alteration nan connectors. 
  • See if immoderate of nan wiring is overlapped aliases not. Also, make judge that nan screen of nan wires are besides intact. 
  • The lights and different accessories request power. Check nan powerfulness cablegram and make judge it is not providing powerfulness much than it should. 

If each these things are okay and you still look nan aforesaid problem you should consult your dealership aliases a workshop. Only a master tin thief you retired now. 

Final Thoughts

A stuck solenoid and shorted ignition cardinal are nan main culprits for play cart runs pinch cardinal disconnected problems. Diagnose your play cart decently and travel nan above-mentioned steps to switch nan solenoid. 

Also, cheque for immoderate issues pinch nan wiring. Replacing nan solenoid and fixing issues pinch nan wiring should resoluteness your problem. If still nan problem remains you should consult a master to lick nan issue.