Can You Replace Cantilever Brakes With V Brakes

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Brakes successful bikes are 1 of nan astir important components of immoderate cycle, arsenic they supply nan rider pinch nan expertise to power their velocity and extremity safely. Brakes are basal for safe and businesslike cycling, allowing riders to safely and efficaciously slow down aliases extremity their bike. There are respective different types of motorcycle brakes, including rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes, each pinch its ain advantages and disadvantages. Different motorcycle models whitethorn require different brake components, truthful it is important to investigation nan type of brakes that are champion for your bike. In this article, I will show you astir nan cantilever and V brakes and will besides talk whether “Can you switch nan cantilever brakes pinch v brakes”?

Can you switch nan cantilever brakes pinch v brakes? Yes, It is imaginable to switch cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes, but it whitethorn require immoderate modifications to nan framework aliases fork. V-brakes usage a different mounting strategy than cantilever brakes, truthful nan framework aliases fork whitethorn request to beryllium drilled aliases tapped to judge nan V-brake mounts. Additionally, V-brake levers and cables are not compatible pinch cantilever brake systems, truthful caller levers and cables will besides beryllium needed.

It is important to statement that cantilever and V-brakes person different mechanical advantages, and nan brake pads connected nan V-brakes are mounted differently, truthful nan brake pads will astir apt besides person to beryllium changed.

can you switch cantilever brakes pinch v brakes?

Cantilever brakes and V-brakes are 2 communal types of brakes utilized connected bicycles. Cantilever brakes are typically recovered connected older bikes and person been mostly replaced by V-brakes, which are considered to beryllium much powerful and efficient. However, galore riders still for illustration nan look and consciousness of cantilever brakes, and immoderate whitethorn wonderment if it is imaginable to switch cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes. It’s each up to nan rider whether to spell pinch a cantilever brake aliases V brakes.

what are Cantilever brakes?

Can you switch cantilever brakes pinch v brakes

Cantilever brakes are a type of rim brake that are commonly recovered connected older upland bikes, touring bikes, and immoderate cyclocross bikes. They are called “cantilever brakes” because nan brake arms are mounted connected nan framework aliases fork successful a cantilever fashion, pinch nan brake pads located astatine nan extremity of nan arms. Cantilever brakes usage straddle cables to transportation nan braking unit from nan brake lever to nan brake arms. They connection much tyre clearance and much powerful braking than accepted center-pull brakes, but are little powerful than disc brakes and tin beryllium much difficult to group up and adjust. To find these brakes, click here.

what are V-brakes?

Can you switch cantilever brakes pinch v brakes

V-brakes, besides known arsenic linear-pull brakes, is simply a type of rim brake commonly recovered connected upland bikes, metropolis bikes, and different inferior bicycles. They are called “V-brakes” because nan brake pads are mounted connected a “V-shaped” holder, which allows for much powerful braking and amended clearance for wider tires. V-brakes typically person a elemental design, are easy to set and maintain, and are little costly than different types of brakes specified arsenic disc brakes. To find V brakes click here.

steps of replacing cantilever brakes pinch v brakes

Here are nan wide steps for replacing cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes:

1- Gather nan basal devices and equipment:

You will request a group of V-brakes, V-brake levers and cables, brake pads, and nan basal devices to region and instal nan caller brake components.

2- Remove nan aged cantilever brakes:

Start by loosening nan brake cablegram and removing nan straddle cablegram from nan brake arms. Then, region nan brake pads from nan brake holders, and finally, region nan brake arms from nan framework aliases fork.

3- Modify nan framework aliases fork for V-brake mounts:

Depending connected your bike, you whitethorn request to drill aliases pat nan framework aliases fork to judge nan V-brake mounts.

4- Install nan caller V-brakes:

Mount nan V-brake holders connected nan framework aliases fork, and past connect nan brake arms to nan holders.

5- Install nan caller brake pads:

Insert nan caller brake pads into nan brake holders, making judge they are decently aligned pinch nan brake arms.

6- Install nan caller brake levers and cables:

Connect nan brake levers to nan brake arms, and past way nan brake cables done nan framework aliases fork.

7- Adjust nan brakes:

Adjust nan brake pads truthful that they are centered connected nan rim, and past set nan brake cablegram hostility to guarantee nan brakes are moving properly.

8- Test nan brakes:

Before riding, trial nan brakes by squeezing nan brake lever and making judge nan brakes are moving properly.

It is important to statement that nan supra steps are wide and whitethorn alteration depending connected nan circumstantial bike, truthful it is recommended to consult pinch a master motorcycle mechanic aliases a motorcycle shop to guarantee a due installation.

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pros and cons: replacing nan cantilever brakes pinch v brakes

There are some pros and cons to replacing cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes connected a bicycle. Here are immoderate of nan main points to consider


  • V-brakes mostly connection better-stopping powerfulness than cantilever brakes, which tin beryllium an advantage for those who thrust successful hilly aliases mountainous terrain.
  • V-brakes are typically much durable and long-lasting than cantilever brakes, which tin beryllium a cost-saving advantage complete time.
  • V-brakes are often easier to set and support than cantilever brakes, which tin beryllium an advantage for those who for illustration to tinker pinch their bikes.


  • Replacing cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes whitethorn require further modifications to nan motorcycle framework aliases fork, which tin beryllium costly and time-consuming.
  • V-brakes are not arsenic powerful arsenic disc brakes, truthful they whitethorn not beryllium nan champion prime for riders who often thrust successful utmost off-road conditions aliases downhill.
  • V-brakes whitethorn not beryllium compatible pinch definite types of motorcycle frames aliases forks, truthful it’s important to cheque compatibility earlier making nan switch.
  • Replacing nan brakes whitethorn besides require caller cablegram routing which tin beryllium a spot complicated.

I dream you find this article helpful. In conclusion, replacing cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes tin connection respective advantages, specified arsenic amended stopping power, durability, and easy maintenance. However, it’s important to see nan imaginable drawbacks, specified arsenic nan costs and clip progressive successful modifying nan motorcycle framework aliases fork, nan compatibility issues, and nan truth that V-brakes are little powerful than disc brakes. Additionally, replacing nan brakes whitethorn besides require caller cablegram routing which tin beryllium a spot complicated. Ultimately, nan determination to switch cantilever brakes pinch V-brakes will dangle connected nan intended usage of nan bike, nan rider’s needs, and nan existent information of nan bike.

Additional Questions

Are V-brakes superior to cantilever brakes?

In position of contiguous braking power, **V-brakes** are mostly seen arsenic nan amended prime compared to cantilever brakes. They bid a much forceful grip that could halt your motorcycle successful a shorter distance. However, they tin deficiency modulation, meaning they mightiness require a much knowledgeable cyclist to negociate stopping smoothly. On nan different hand, cantilever brakes mightiness not person arsenic overmuch stopping power, but tin connection much gradual, controllable slowing. It’s astir nan tradeoff you’re comfortable making betwixt earthy stopping powerfulness and controllable braking.

Is it imaginable to upgrade cantilever brakes?

Yes, upgrades are feasible but not wholly straightforward. With** cantilever brakes**, to execute a different mechanical advantage, you would request to switch nan full brakes aliases brake levers. Alternatively, you tin refine nan mechanical advantage by adjusting nan pad attachment aliases modifying nan straddle cablegram aliases nexus wire, which doesn’t require an full overhaul of nan braking system.

Can V-brake levers activity pinch cantilever brakes?

While you technically tin usage V-brake levers pinch cantilever brakes, it mightiness not output nan champion results. **V-brake levers propulsion much cablegram resulting successful little force.** If you effort to use cantilever brakes utilizing a V-brake lever, you’ll find that nan brakes aren’t arsenic responsive owed to nan reduced force. Essentially, you’ll request to exert much unit connected your grip to get nan aforesaid braking power.

What are nan downsides of V-brakes?

Despite their popularity, **V-brakes do person immoderate disadvantages.** For instance, their capacity tin falter successful bedewed aliases muddy conditions, making them little reliable successful definite situations. Additionally, they thin to deterioration retired nan rim’s braking aboveground faster than different types of brakes, which could lead to much predominant attraction aliases replacements.