Bintelli Vs Club Car: A Full Side By Side Comparison

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Bintelli and Club Car, 2 of nan biggest names successful nan play cart business person been going caput to caput successful caller years. As a result, astir group are near confused regarding which 1 to choose. So what makes each of these brands unique?

One of nan cardinal differences betwixt these 2 brands is their conveyance efficiency. Bintelli electrical cars tin spell overmuch longer distances pinch 1 complaint compared to Club Car. Precisely, they spell 20 miles much than Club Car earlier needing to beryllium plugged in.

However, that is not nan only facet dividing nan 2 companies. Today we will show you each you request to cognize to prime 1 erstwhile it comes to Bintelli vs Club Car.

Bintelli Vs Club Car

Bintelli vs Club Car: Quick Comparison

Before we dive heavy into nan elaborate comparison of nan cars, let’s person a speedy look broadside by side.

FeatureBintelliClub Car
Price $4000-$10000$6000-$12000
Top Speed Gas Powered: 30 mphElectric: 20 mphGas powered: 19 mphElectric: 20-25 mph
Horsepower 3.5 to 7 hp3.3 to 14 hp
Engine4-stroke aliases 2-stroke engineAdvanced fuel-injected engine

What Are The Differences Between Bintelli And Club Car?

Both these brands disagree rather a batch not conscionable successful position of their creation and looks, but besides really they function. From their motor to their apical speed, let’s return a look astatine nan differences betwixt these cars.

Engine power

Bintelli Vs Club CarClub Car

With precocious fuel-injected engines, nine cars overtake Bintelli erstwhile it comes to motor power. Their scope of horsepower goes from 3.3 to 14, aliases moreover much successful immoderate models. 

Bintelli connected nan different manus is simply a spot little erstwhile it comes to horsepower ratings. They person either a 2-stroke aliases a 4-stroke engine, and their horsepower scope is usually from 3.5 to 7.


In position of features, nan nine car will springiness you plentifulness much than nan Bintelli pinch fancy integer displays, precocious suspensions, and powerfulness steering.

club car displayDigital Display

Meanwhile, nan Bintelli cars will only springiness you basal features for illustration horns and move signals. So if you are much into style and finesse, nine cars will triumph your bosom complete Bintelli. 



For designs and looks, Bintelli cars are much classical and old-fashioned, whereas nan nine cars will springiness you a much modern and sporty look.


SpeedBentelli Speed

Club cars autumn down bintelli erstwhile it comes to maximum speed. Their state models tin rack up a apical velocity of 19 miles per hour, and their electrical counterparts tin spell from 20 to 25 miles per hour.

Bintelli connected nan different manus has a apical velocity of 30 miles per hr for their gas-powered cars and 25 miles per hr for electrical ones.


When it comes to reputation, nan nine car acold outweighs bintelli. Their commencement spans backmost complete 60 years, whereas Bintelli has only been location since 2006.



Bintelli has a higher scope betwixt nan 2 brands, pinch a maximum region of 50 earlier needing a recharge. On nan flip side, nine cars request to beryllium plugged successful sooner pinch a scope of 30 miles.

Bintelli And Club Car: What Are The Similarities?

Despite having plentifulness of differences, Bintelli and Club Car stock immoderate similarities betwixt each other. The astir notable similarities betwixt nan 2 brands are fixed below.

Electric vehicles

One point some brands stock successful communal is nan truth that they some supply electrical cars. Moreover, they person a assortment of models arsenic good arsenic customizations to further lucifer nan needs of nan buyer.


Both brands are good known for their durability erstwhile it comes to their play cars. The value aluminum framework provides a lightweight and robust building that will past for a very agelong time.

Bintelli Or Club Car: Which Brand’s Car Should You Choose?

Which marque you take betwixt these 2 is yet a matter of individual choice. Both of these cars person their pros and cons.

If you are much of a modern and stylish car-loving guy, past a nine car is your go-to option.

If however, you are consenting to chop down connected nan style and look for ratio and speed, past Bintelli would beryllium better.

They are amended known for their velocity and efficiency, pinch their longest moving region being 20 miles much than a nine car.

On nan different hand, nine car title guardant erstwhile it comes to powerfulness and controls. So if your driving involves inclined roads and unsmooth surfaces, past a nine car will reward you better.


If you person travel this acold and still person a fewer much questions, past don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are a fewer of nan astir often asked questions, which mightiness arsenic good springiness you nan reply you are looking for.

Which 1 requires predominant maintenance: bintelli aliases nine car?

Which car requires much attraction depends solely connected nan usage and biology conditions. A much predominant usage will require much maintenance, and vice versa.

Generally, you should do regular tyre unit checks, lubrication, and truthful on. For nan electrical models, you request to cheque artillery conditions rather frequently. 

Which marque is much environmentally friendly: bintelli aliases nine car?

Both these manufacturers support biology sustainability arsenic a apical privilege and nutrient electrical cars. That intends some Bintelli and Club Car nutrient very eco-friendly cars.

Which marque is much durable, Bintelli aliases Club Car?

Both brands are known to nutrient very durable cars, but nine cars person a much durable motor compared to Bintelli. Also, nine cars person been successful nan business for overmuch longer than Bintelli, which is why immoderate group spot them more.

Where are some these brands headquartered?

The manufacturing and office of some nan cars are successful nan United States.

Can I usage these play cars connected different surfaces?

Yes, you can. You tin thrust them connected grass, sand, road, you sanction it. These mini vehicles are perfect for camping aliases sportfishing trips and formation rides.

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