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If you’re a cyclist, you understand nan value of having nan correct handlebars connected your bike. Handlebars travel successful different shapes, sizes, and materials, and they tin impact your riding position, comfort, and performance. In this article, I’ll beryllium discussing 4 portion handlebars, which person go progressively celebrated among cyclists successful caller years.

4 portion handlebars, besides known arsenic 4-piece bars aliases 4-piece handlebars, are a type of bicycle handlebars that are made up of 4 abstracted pieces. These pieces are typically joined together utilizing bolts, allowing nan rider to set nan style and configuration of nan handlebars to their preference.

This type of handlebar is often utilized successful BMX and freestyle bikes, wherever riders whitethorn want to customize nan placement of their grips, brakes, and different components. Because they are made up of abstracted pieces, 4-piece handlebars are mostly much adjustable and customizable than different types of handlebars.

7 Best 4 Piece Handlebars ( Our Picked )

4 Piece HandlebarsImageMaterialPrice
Fenix Freestyle 169 BMX Bike HandleSteelCheck Price On Amazon
Professional R4 BMX 4 Piece AluminumCheck Price On Amazon
KLT BMX Bike HandlebarMolybdenum SteelCheck Price On Amazon
SE Bikes Super Big Honkin Handle BarChromolyCheck Price On Amazon
Alta Freestyle BMX Bike Handle BarsSteelCheck Price On Amazon
Haro Baseline 4-Piece HandlebarsChromolyCheck Price On Amazon
GT Original BMX Bar (4 Piece)AlloyCheck Price On Amazon

What to see erstwhile choosing a 4 portion handlebar

When choosing a 4 portion handlebar, location are respective factors you whitethorn want to consider. These see nan following:

  1. The size and style of nan handlebar: 4 portion handlebars travel successful a assortment of sizes and shapes, truthful you’ll want to take 1 that is comfortable and allows you to thrust successful your preferred position.
  2. The worldly of nan handlebar: 4 portion handlebars are typically made of alloy aliases aluminum, pinch alloy being stronger but heavier and aluminum being lighter but little durable.
  3. The compatibility of nan handlebar pinch your bike: Make judge nan 4 portion handlebar you take is compatible pinch your bike, including nan type of stem and headset it uses.
  4. The value and value: Compare nan value and features of different 4 portion handlebars to find 1 that offers bully worth for money.
  5. The marque and reputation: Consider nan marque and estimation of nan handlebar, and publication reviews from different riders to get an thought of its value and performance.

Types of 4 portion handlebars

T-bar handlebars:

T-bar handlebars are shaped for illustration nan missive T, pinch a horizontal crossbar and 2 vertical bars. They are often utilized successful BMX and freestyle bikes.

H-bar handlebars:

H-bar handlebars are shaped for illustration nan missive H, pinch a horizontal crossbar and 2 vertical bars that are bent astatine an angle. They connection a much relaxed and upright riding position than T-bars.

Cruiser handlebars:

Cruiser handlebars are wide and flat, pinch a flimsy expanse backmost towards nan rider. They are often utilized connected formation cruisers and different leisure bikes.

Riser handlebars:

Riser handlebars are raised supra nan stem, allowing nan rider to beryllium successful a much upright position. They are often utilized connected upland bikes and different off-road bikes.

Bullhorn handlebars:

Bullhorn handlebars are shaped for illustration a brace of horns, pinch a consecutive conception that extends forwards from nan stem. They are often utilized connected roadworthy bikes and different racing bikes.

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use Of 4 portion handlebars successful a BMX bike

BMX bikes often usage 4 portion handlebars because they are highly adjustable and customizable. Because they are made up of abstracted pieces, riders tin set nan placement of their grips, brakes, and different components to their preference. This allows them to find a comfortable and businesslike riding position that suits their style and needs. Additionally, 4 portion handlebars are often stronger and much durable than different types of handlebars, which is important for nan demanding tricks and stunts that are often performed connected BMX bikes.

4 portion handlebars ( Our Best Picked )

I cognize you are struggling to find nan cleanable 4 portion handlebars for your bike. I person taken nan clip and effort to comparison 7 of nan champion 4 portion handlebars. You tin prime nan 1 which is suitable for you. I purpose to make it easier for you to find nan correct merchandise without each nan hassle.

Fenix Freestyle 169 BMX Bike Handle

4 portion handlebars

Looking for a cleanable group of BMX bars to thief you shred nan streets? The Fenix Freestyle 169 BMX Bike Handle Bars are conscionable nan point you need.

Made from durable steel, these bars tin return a beating and support going. They’re besides disposable successful either achromatic aliases chrome to lucifer your ride.

And pinch a 7/8″ clamp size, they’ll fresh astir modular stems. So spell up and springiness them a try—you won’t beryllium disappointed.

Professional R4 BMX 4 Piece 

4 portion handlebars

Tough, durable, and beautiful, nan Professional R4 BMX 4 Piece 4130 Chromoly Handlebar is cleanable for motorcycle riders who request nan best.

Clamp down connected this double-butted apical barroom for a civilization look and consciousness that is judge to move heads. With a stunning finish, this handlebar is built to last.

KLT BMX Bike Handlebar

4 portion handlebars

Looking for a BMX motorcycle handlebar that’s some master and comfortable?

Look nary further than nan KLT BMX Bike Handlebar. Made from high-strength chromium molybdenum steel, this handlebar is built to last. And pinch an ergonomic design, it’s cleanable for those agelong rides.

SE Bikes Super Big Honkin Handle Bar

If you are successful hunt for a existent BMX-style cruiser handlebar. The SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Handlebar has sewage you covered.

It’s made of Chromoly building pinch a Tig-welded crossbar and comes successful either chrome-plated aliases powder-coated black.

Plus, it features nan SE Winged logo connected nan near rise. So whether you’re hitting nan streets aliases nan BMX park, this handlebar will springiness you nan thrust you’re looking for.

Alta Freestyle BMX Bike Handle Bars

Introducing nan Alta 22.2mm Freestyle BMX Bike Handle Bars! These bars are cleanable for BMX riding, featuring a gull-style design, and are made from durable steel.

They’re disposable successful achromatic aliases chrome, and fresh stems measuring 22.42mm. Whether you’re hitting nan streets aliases nan jumps, our Alta handlebars will springiness you nan power you request to thrust pinch confidence. So drawback a group coming and get fresh to tear up nan trails!

Haro Baseline 4-Piece Handlebars

4 portion handlebars

The Haro Baseline 4-Piece Handlebars are crafted from 100% afloat Chromoly for accrued durability and strength.

The modern 4-piece creation is 50mm heavy pinch knurling for added clamping strength. The emergence is 9.5″ and nan handlebars are 29″ wide.

GT Original BMX Bar (4 Piece)

Looking for a BMX barroom that’s original and built to last? Check retired nan GT Original BMX Bar.

Made from reliable materials, this barroom is designed to withstand each nan action you tin propulsion astatine it.

With a emergence of 9.125/8.6 and a width of 29 inches, it’s cleanable for riders who request a small other stableness while they ride.

Plus, nan backmost expanse and upsweep supply a comfortable grip nary matter really difficult you’re riding. So whether you’re hitting nan streets aliases nan trails, nan GT Original BMX Bar is up for nan challenge.

What to see while purchasing 4 portion handlebar

When looking to acquisition 4 portion handlebars for your BMX bike, location are respective factors to consider:

1- Material:

The astir communal materials for BMX handlebars are chromoly steel, aluminum, and c fiber. Chromoly is nan strongest and astir durable, while aluminum is lighter but not arsenic strong. Carbon fibre is nan lightest but tin beryllium costly and not arsenic durable arsenic different materials.

2- Rise:

The emergence of nan handlebars refers to nan region from nan halfway of nan barroom wherever it attaches to nan stem, to nan apical of nan bars. Different riders for illustration different emergence heights depending connected their riding style and comfortableness level.

3- Width:

The width of nan handlebars besides varies and tin impact nan rider’s equilibrium and control. Wider bars supply much stability, while narrower bars are easier to maneuver.

4- Backsweep:

The backmost expanse of nan handlebars refers to nan perspective of nan bars arsenic they expanse backmost toward nan rider. A higher backmost expanse tin supply much comfortableness and wrist relief, while a little backmost expanse tin beryllium much responsive and let for much control.

5- Brand and reputation:

Consider purchasing handlebars from a reputable marque known for producing value products. Read reviews from different riders to spot what they person to opportunity astir nan bars you are willing in.

6- Compatibility:

Ensure nan handlebars you take are compatible pinch your bike’s stem and fork. Most BMX handlebars person a modular 22.2mm clamp diameter, but it’s important to double-check earlier purchasing.

7- Price:

Consider your fund erstwhile choosing handlebars. While higher-end bars whitethorn supply amended capacity and durability, they tin besides beryllium much expensive. Determine what features are astir important to you and find a group of handlebars that fits wrong your budget.

How to Install 4 Piece Handlebars

Installing 4 portion handlebars connected your BMX motorcycle is beautiful straightforward. Here’s really to do it:

  1. First, region your aged handlebars from your bike. You’ll request to loosen nan stem bolts and descent nan bars retired of nan stem.
  2. Next, insert nan caller handlebars into nan stem. Make judge they are aligned consecutive and level pinch your beforehand wheel.
  3. Tighten nan stem bolts to unafraid nan bars successful place. Make judge they are tightened evenly to debar immoderate wobbling aliases instability.
  4. Adjust nan handlebars to your desired tallness and angle. This whitethorn return immoderate proceedings and correction to get them conscionable correct for your riding style and comfort.
  5. Lastly, cheque to make judge everything is unafraid and tighten immoderate loose bolts arsenic needed. Give nan bars a bully shingle to guarantee they are unchangeable and won’t travel loose during your rides.

And that’s it! With a fewer elemental steps, you tin easy instal 4 portion handlebars connected your BMX motorcycle and beryllium fresh to deed nan streets aliases nan parkland successful nary time.


4 portion handlebars tin beryllium a awesome measurement to adhd immoderate other style to your bike. They travel successful a assortment of materials and styles, truthful you tin find nan cleanable 1 for your bike. After reference this article, you should now person a bully knowing of nan different types of 4-piece handlebars disposable and what each 1 has to offer. I dream this article helped you constrictive down your choices and that you will beryllium capable to find nan cleanable group of handlebars for your needs.

Additional Questions

Are 4 portion bars stronger?

Yes, 4-piece bars are so stronger owed to their further building elements. They thin to beryllium favored by thoroughfare riders for their sturdiness. However, they are besides heavier. On nan different hand, nan 2-piece bars are a motion to nan much classical BMX style and connection a lighter option. So if spot is your priority, past 4-piece bars would suit your needs better, whereas if you for illustration a lighter and much nimble consciousness to your bike, past a 2-piece barroom mightiness beryllium nan prime for you.

How to take handlebars for BMX?

The cardinal successful choosing BMX handlebars lies successful knowing nan BMX handlebar emergence measurements. This measurement greatly impacts nan wide consciousness of your bike. The tallness of nan rider is simply a important facet erstwhile considering this. For instance, being a 6’2″ cyclist myself, I for illustration nan Division Balata bars pinch a 9.5″ rise. Meanwhile, Ricky Catanzariti, who stands astatine 5’5″, prefers nan 8.65″ emergence of nan Colony Hardy 4 Piece bars. Hence, your tallness will dictate nan emergence measurement that you’ll consciousness astir comfortable with.

What size handlebars for a BMX bike?

The size of nan handlebars for a BMX motorcycle mostly depends connected a ride’s tallness and what they consciousness astir comfortable with. Typically, taller riders will thin towards bars pinch a higher rise, while shorter riders will find bars pinch a little emergence much comfortable. It’s important to retrieve that nan size of your handlebars will dictate nan wide consciousness of your bike, truthful it’s important to see what type and style of riding you will beryllium doing most. Ultimately, nan prime successful size is arsenic unsocial arsenic nan rider themselves.